Not a morning person? That’s okay, we feel you! Here’s some tips and tricks to having that rise and shine morning experience. It’s all about creating new healthy habits and a consistent morning routine. When you commit to your morning routine you can set yourself in good standing for the day ahead and increase your general wellbeing. Get ready to seize the day with these 4 ways to help you become a morning person.

1. Set One Alarm

If you are anything like me you set a million alarms in the morning. The first goes off at 6am, then 6:20, then 6:35, then 6:45, until its 7:30 and you finally have to get up for real now (trust me I relate to this on a level I’d rather not admit to haha!). According to Ben Williams’ article, How to Avoid the Multiple Alarm Morning, when you snooze your alarm in the morning, you are repeatedly dropping in and out of the different sleep cycles. This disrupts the flow and harms the quality of sleep. Setting multiple “back up alarms” or hitting snooze during your morning sleep cycle will leave you feeling less alert and awake during the day. It harms your productivity and leaves you groggy because you started a new cycle without letting your body complete it. So how do you change this habit? Start by getting to bed and waking up at the same time each day. Your body will soon adapt to this schedule waking you up automatically. Fall asleep with the curtains open so you can wake up with the natural sunlight. Put your alarm in a place where you must get up out of bed to shut it off. Let’s all make an effort to be more like the 1st type of person.

2. Eat Breakfast

At the risk of sounding like your mom or stating the obvious as you’ve probably been told this your entire life, it really is the most important meal of the day. Eating replenishes the body’s energy. According to Charles Spences article in the International Journal of Gastronomy and Food Science, the latest evidence shows that we should all be aiming to consume around 15–25% of our daily energy intake at breakfast. For women this means breakfast should be 300–500 calories and 375–625 for men. No time for breakfast you say? Lucky for you I have the perfect solution! Set that one alarm 10 minutes earlier than normal. It takes mere minutes to make scrambled eggs with some avocados! (; Fun fact: avocados are a natural source of energy and a stress reliever!

3. Exercise

You all know that euphoric feeling after a great workout, so why not start your day off that way? Its easy to skip a workout if you decide you will just do it later. When you commit to working out first thing in the morning you start your day off in a positive way. It helps you feel accomplished, productive and ready to hustle through all your tasks that follow. Set up your weekly workouts in advance. Enroll in that yoga flow class on Monday, the bootcamp workout Tuesday, barre Wednesday, and cardio dance Thursday. When you plan out your classes ahead of time you will have a purpose to get up and at ‘em in the morning. Get your sweat on!

4. Get Organized

Get everything ready for your day the night before. Lay out your workout outfit, and your clothes for the next day before you hit the hay. It also helps to have food prepared for breakfast and lunch- packed and ready to go! This way you don’t feel stressed and overwhelmed as soon as you wake up. Creating a bullet journal can also help you stay accountable for waking up early. Track your morning habits by coloring in the boxes for days that you wake up before a certain time, eat breakfast, don’t snooze your alarm, and workout at the beginning of your day. This will help keep you accountable if you put it on paper. Its also super fun for the creative in you!