Rebecca Orbegozo

Rebecca has always been passionate about staying active and healthy. From the time she was 6 she was a competitive gymnast and when she reached high school switched over to cheerleading at Pinkerton Academy. Rebecca cheered at Elmira College and graduated with a degree in sociology/educational studies in 2012. She brought her love for fitness full circle as she now been a full-time gymnastics coach since 2013.

Rebecca’s love for barre began in Boston when she was preparing for her wedding in 2015. She fell in love with the workout and went on to complete her barre certification. Rebecca loves to create classes that not only challenge clients but teaches them to become confident in their strength and continue to stay motivated. She loves all fitness because she believes it gives a person the power to change their life not only physically but mentally as well. Rebecca believes an hour of “you time” during class is extremely important for one’s mental health. She loves to help people any way she can and believes with her classes she can greatly enhance one’s life.

Rebecca is currently working on her NASM CPT, personal training certification and Fitness Nutrition certification.

Fun Facts

Favorite social media?

Breakfast or Lunch?

Coffee or Tea?
Coffee.. I LOVEEE IT.

Favorite Book?
What Alice Forgot, or anything written by Nicholas Sparks

Podcast you’re listening to?
Straight up with Stassi. Reality TV is my guilty pleasure.

Favorite music artist?
Taylor Swift is my all time favorite! I’m also a huge country fan.

Favorite thing to do on the weekend?
Depending on the time of year be by a lake, pool, with friends and my husband. And of COURSE anything dog friendly! I have two dogs, Stassi and Neelah. I don’t go many places without my pups.