You may have noticed a bunch of the staff and clients at the studio have been drinking a gallon of water a day. Instructor Fallon started this trend at TVP a year or so ago and we now refer to these gallons of water as #fallonsgallons haha.  So why drink a gallon of water a day? What’s the point?

We all know we need to drink water to be healthy & hydrated.  The human body after all is comprised of about 60% water! Of course there is no blanket statement about how much water everyone should be drinking as we are all beautifully unique.  Things like activity level, how much you sweat, body size, and gender all play a role in your hydration needs.  This blog is simply my experience with the gallon challenge and is not to be taken as scientific fact.  This is just what I found to be true for me. (:

Day 1 of the Gallon Challenge:

I truly didn’t find it to be challenging to get through a whole gallon.  I stayed on a steady pace following the markers on my water bottle. Also the water bottle I use has a straw and let me tell you that is a complete game changer! Straws are a must in my opinion.  I found that when I was teaching class, or taking class that I drank the water more quickly than when I was just sitting down working.  I had to remind myself to drink throughout the day, but the water bottle time markers kept me motivated and competitive. I loved being ahead of schedule haha. The first day you must have access to a bathroom at all times. I had to pee SO much more than I normally do! Like every hour!

First Weekend Day:

The first Saturday attempting this challenge was an epic fail.  Not having access to a bathroom as regularly, and not being on my typical routine threw me way off. I think I only got through about half.  After that I decided the gallon challenge was definitely more of a weekday thing me.

Two Weeks Complete:

So did I experience any benefits?  I can say with confidence that I have had way more energy than I did before.  I felt like I could get through longer days with more ease.  Some of my workouts felt easier than they normally would have (i.e Dance Cardio Party… If you know you know). Some people report having experienced weight loss, but I stayed pretty much the same.  I have also read that some people lose the dark circles or bags under their eyes, but I started using a serum for that so I can’t give all the credit to the water lol.  I would definitely recommend giving it a try! Even if you don’t finish the entire gallon I bet you will be drinking more water than you normally do and that is a win for sure!

Over a Month Done:

I have now been doing the gallon challenge consistently on weekdays for over a month straight and I have noticed that I haven’t had any headaches, I could stop drinking coffee if I wanted to. That is certainly not a goal of mine because I love coffee so much, but if it is a goal of yours this will definitely help. It also helps you eat smaller portions. Sometimes we think we are hungry when in reality we are actually thirsty.  It also can help eliminate snacking because you will be more occupied by drinking water and filling up your belly that way.  I have been asked how I keep my water cold all day and the truth is that the water starts out very cold and as the day goes on it makes its way to room temperature. I have no problem drinking water at room temperature, but if you are someone who likes to have their water cold you can always add ice throughout the day.  Give it a try and let me know what your experience is like! Happy hydrating!! (: