Dancing is a fun way to get children moving and there are plenty of health benefits that come along with the fun they are having in class. Dancing at any age is good for you, but involving kids with dance early on supports their physical, mental,  and social development. It also teaches them the importance of exercise from an early age making it part of their lifestyle as they get older.

Our little dancers are jumping, spinning, moving, and grooving to the music while simultaneously growing, learning and building healthy habits for a lifetime ahead. Here are some healthy benefits for our little dancers:


Physical Fitness Development

Dance utilizes the entire body and all of its muscle groups so children are learning body awareness at a young age. Dance helps improve coordination and kinesthetic memory. It is an aerobic exercise, which gets the heartbeat going to strengthen the cardiovascular system, and build up their endurance. They also progress with their flexibility, posture and balance. From balancing on their tippy toes to working on their splits, leaps, jumps, and so much more! Dance is a full body exercise and the best part is that the dancer has a blast participating in class!


Mental and Emotional Development

Dancing also helps develop the dancer’s mind. In dance class the children are required to learn choreography. This helps children strengthen their cognitive abilities and memory skills.  The dancers are also given the opportunity for improvisation which assists in developing their problem-solving skills. Allowing and encouraging free and spontaneous movement helps children to become more comfortable with their bodies and with expressing their ideas and emotions. This body awareness translated to higher confidence and a much higher self-esteem. This teaches them self-love and body confidence from the get go!




Social Development

The dance environment introduces them to other children at a young age. They begin to learn valuable social skills with their new friends. Dance teaches children how to cooperate and work together in groups. They are cheering on their fellow dancers to succeed and gain new dance skills.  They learn that we all rise by lifting others.  By interacting with the dance instructor and their fellow classmates, they learn how to effectively communicate their questions, concerns, opinions, and ideas. They learn how to collaborate and work together towards a common goal. By learning new skills alongside others, children bond with each other and in some cases make lifelong friends!

The Vitality Place begins offering dance classes to children who are at least 3 years old.  The introductory classes are our Pre Classes which include Ballet, Baby Bop, and Pre Cheer! You can view our schedule and call or email us to enroll your child!