It’s that time of year again where we all start to get back into our routines. School has begun and the weather is starting to get cool.  Fall is among us and it’s time to get organized again. The perfect solution to the busy schedules that accompany the new season is planning.  I like to organize my life in two ways: monthly and daily.  I use a planner for my daily plans and goals and I create a bullet journal for monthly tracking.

Here are some tips and tricks to both.


I use a Kate Spade planner to keep track of the day to day tasks: appointments, meetings, work outs, classes, emails, etc.  Being creative can be an outlet for you. It can relieve stress and calm your soul which is why I personally live by my planners.  I decorate each week with the cutest stickers.  I use a thin blue sharpie to add the perfect pop of color.  Make sure to plan your week on Sunday so that you have direction each day of the week. You can plan things like meal prepping, and your workouts.  Sign up for the fitness classes you want to take on Sunday and stay accountable to attending them. If you plan your workouts every Sunday you will be more likely to succeed. For example: When you write Monday morning Yoga at 7 am in your planner you will feel a stronger responsibility to go than if you hadn’t written it down at all. The planner is where you write your daily to do lists.  I like to make circles next to each task so that when it is completed I get to color it in, and if it is not I have to put a line through it.

Bullet Journal

The bullet journal serves as a wide-view lens to plan your life. You can purchase a bullet journal on amazon. I like to use mildliners which are good pens that do not bleed through the paper.  Each month I make a cover page, an “at a glance” page, and then a “habit tracker” page.  The cover page has cute calligraphy for the month’s title and a list of the dates below with the day of the week it falls on. The at a glance page lists important tasks to be completed that month, events that are taking place that month, etc. I track habits by coloring in the date on which I did a specific thing so that the more colored in blocks the better!  You can track things such as drinking 6+ waters a day, waking up before 8 am, working out, practicing dances, reading, practicing yoga, taking a sauna, cooking dinner, etc. Track things that are important to you, and set monthly goals to help yourself stay on track.  There’s something to be said about writing things down. It helps you stay accountable to your goals, and its fun!

The best part about the bullet journal is that you get to tailor it to your specific needs!  I like to make lists of the mountains I have climbed, the books I have read, the amount of practices I have completed for the year, the number of promotional events I have done, and much more!  Planning is your first step to organizing your life this fall. Keep track of your goals, tasks, appointments, meetings, fitness, and so much more! Let’s get creating!