Summer will be here before we know it!  Warmer weather is finally upon us and that means summer dance is coming soon.  We are now open with registration for our Summer Sessions! There are three 3-week sessions: one in June, July, and August! Our first session is taking place  June 10th-June 29th.  Our second session is July 15th- August 3rd. Our last session is August 12-August 31st. All dancers are required to take at least 2 classes per session.  For our dancers ages 6-13, if they want to take Contemporary they must also take Ballet as Ballet is a foundation for that class. The starting price for one session is $115 for dancers ages 6-18 and $60 for dancers ages 3-5. Please call us at (603) 458-6772 and leave a message if no one is able to answer your call.  You may also email us at  We will be holding an Open House Thursday May  9th, 16th & May 23rd from 6pm-8pm if you would like to come by, tour the studio space, and enroll for summer sessions.  You can enroll for all three sessions or just one or two. We know your summers are busy so we wanted to provide you with options! (: We at The Vitality Place are very excited to work with dancers of all ages over the summer!



Technique 13-18                4-5pm NICOLE

Contemporary 13-18         5-6pm    MARISSA

Improv 13-18                     6-6:45   MARISSA



Technique 6-12                     4-5pm  NICOLE

Acro & Tumbling 13-18        5-6pm  NICOLE

Hip Hop 14-18                     7:15-8:15pm RENEE



Jazz 14-18                4-5pm    NICOLE

Pre Cheer 3-5            6-6:30pm NICOLE

Baby Bop 3-5            6:30-7pm  RENEE



Acro & Tumbling 6-12         4-5pm  NICOLE

Ballet 13-18                        5-6pm VICTORIA

Contemporary 6-12            5-6pm  NICOLE

Jazz 6-12                            6-7pm   MARISSA



Ballet 6-12                    5-6pm   VICTORIA

Hip Hop  6-12              6-7pm  VICTORIA



Pre Ballet 3-5               9-9:30am VICTORIA

Pre Tap 3-5                  9:30-10am VICTORIA