Practice tips

  • Practice with your hair done and down so you are prepared for audition day
  • Face away from the mirror when you dance to test yourself
  • Practice in your outfit to make sure chest is secure, bottoms don’t ride up too much, footwear is appropriate for your choreography, etc.
  • Have a prepared freestyle with 6-8 counts of 8.
  • Work on double pirouettes, regular leaps, leaps in second, calypsos, turning disks, turns in second, firebirds, toe touches, splits, and kicks.
  • Take class when you can! We offer a Pro Class on Wednesday nights that can be super beneficial.


  • Think glam not sporty. You want to stand out! Bold colors are great! You want to be remembered as “girl in the yellow” not just another girl in red white and blue. Helps to differentiate and stand out!
  • I recommend getting an outfit from This is where I got all of my audition outfits! Another option that some go with is
  • When choosing footwear think about your skills. I always wore sneakers because I tumbled and felt more comfortable in them. Also my point in jazz shoes is not incredible so sneakers were a good choice for me. Practice in what you plan to wear! I always wore white nfinities.
  • White sneakers over colored or black ones. Dark shoes cut your leg lines since you have bare (well tights but they are still nude) legs. Tracy taught me to always wear nude/white footwear even heels back when we still did swim walks.


  • Bring extra tights to the audition!!!! You don’t want to lose confidence over ripped tights so have plenty of backups. This is the company we get tights from!!! You don’t want to buy a normal pair from CVS because they have weird boxes around the crotch area that will show on audition day
  • Cut the tops of the tights in at least four spots (front, back, left, right)
  • Make sure they match your skin. Nothing is worse than having a pale upper body and suntan tights. Even with a spray tan…. Know your actual skin color (;


  • You feel confident with a good glow! I used
  • I trust her with my life hahaha. She will not make your orange. Her solution and equipment is state of the art and you will LOVE her!!! Such a fun sweet genuine soul. No bra because you do not want tan lines.  You can wear undies or not depending on your level of comfort.
  • You should probably get one the day before the audition, but you can always ask her opinion!

Lash extensions

  • Highly recommend American Hair barn! They are right next door to TVP and they do amazing work! Takes about 3 hours for a full set. I did Hybrid which was perfect. They also offer classic (less full) and Volume (more full).
  • Pros of extensions are that you don’t have makeup running down your face when you sweat. Mascara can be tough to work with. Also no pesky strip lashes. For long days they sometimes peel up at the corners which can be uncomfortable and also look very unnatural.

Tattoo Cover up


  • Keep it natural
  • Foundation is a must, maybe some contour if you know what you’re doing
  • Lash extensions are best (see above), but kiss lash strips can work and can be bought at a drugstore
  • LIPSTICK!!! A must!!!!! No nude lips. Think red, or a deeper maroon, pinkish. Nothing incredibly unnatural (deep purple, hot pink-not it).
  • Eyebrows should be penciled in to give them shape and a clean look.


  • They are so normal!!!! You have to remember why you are auditioning in the first place. Make yourself little post it notes with affirmations “I am worthy” “I am beautiful” “I am confident” “You’ve got this” “Show ‘em what you got” etc, and put them on your door, your mirror, your car dash.  Be your own biggest cheerleader first!
  • Just go out and have fun! You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!! Remember everything you want is on the other side of fear.
  • Don’t compare yourself!!! Everyone is going to be beautiful, everyone is going to be ready to go! SO ARE YOU!!! Quiet the inner critic and find that inner cheerleader.  Make friends, smile, and look at every person as a potential teammate.  YOU’VE GOT THIS!
  • Believe in yourself!
  • Take it one step at a time. Freestyle is first so that should be your focus. Nailing your freestyle.  If you advance then take that round into focus and so on. One step at a time.  The little steps lead to big dreams!
  • Trust the process. Trust your own abilities. Trust the timing of your life. It takes so many people multiple tries before they make the squad.  Everything happens as it should. Believe in that and let it all unfold accordingly.