Tryna hike? As the weather gets warmer and the summer months are approaching I’m sure you are dying to get outside. Looking to feed your adventurous soul as the weather starts to get warmer? We know just where you should go. New Hampshire is full of some breathtaking hikes. There is something so rewarding about that view from that mountaintop after a hard climb. It’s also a great addition to your workout regimen! It’s good to take your workout outdoors and be one with nature. We know you want to get those fire Instagram shots, and we know just the spots!

1. Lincoln Lafayette Loop Trail

This is an 8.8 mile hike that takes the average person 6-7 hours to complete. This mountain tends to be rated difficult, so pack the Advil because this puppy will leave you feeling very sore. Speaking of puppies this is a dog friendly hike so bring all your good boys. There is an 80 ft waterfall on Falling Waters trail (who would have thought haha) and it is gorgeous. A great spot to snap a good Instagram worthy photo while trekking up the mountain. It will take you about two and a half hours to get to the top of Little Haystack Mountain. After reaching the top you will then be hiking on the ridge for a bit. This is the best part as you are on completely exposed terrain. What does that mean? It means views, lots and lots of breathtaking views to distract you from the exercise you are enduring. The entire ridge is all picture perfect on bright sunny day. This hike is perfect between April and October. The highest elevation is 5,261 ft on Mt. Lafayette. You will finish this hike feeling accomplished and fulfilled having gotten in a power workout while experiencing the beauties of this earth.

2. Baldface Circle Trail

This is another loop trail and it is 9.8 miles in total. There is an elevation gain of 3,454 feet. This is a dog friendly trail so bring Fluffy and Foo Foo. There are however many ledges on the way up and it takes an experienced hiker to climb this. I did however see dogs doing it no problem. Heroes. You hike two beautiful bald peaks (hence the name haha) and you will have magnificent views. Looking out into the horizon you will see Mt. Washington dominating the view along with the other taller white mountains. Plan for this too take you’re the whole day, typically 7-9 hours. Its totally worth it though!

3. Mount Monadnock

This mountain is located in Jaffrey, NH. It’s a shorter drive and an easier hike to complete! This trail has a great bang for your buck, (literally you have to pay to get in… only $5 per person though). It is actually the second most hiked mountain in the world! Only ranked behind Mt. Fuji in Japan. It is 3,165 ft. It’s about 2 miles, and a 3-4 hour hike. The most common trails to take are the White Dot Trail and the White Cross Trail. On a clear day Boston and the White Mountains can be visible. Sadly, no doggos are allowed on this trail.

4. Mount Adams

This is a challenging hike. Similar to the terrain and difficulty of Mt. Washington, but better because you are not at the top with all of cars and people who drove up to the summit of Mt. Washington. There are not any “This car climbed Mt. Adams” bumper stickers (cause like congrats for your car?). Instead its just those who brave the hike that enjoy the views at the top. The elevation is 5,793 ft which is the second highest peak in NH. There are plenty of different trails to take to get up and down this mountain, including hiking Mt. Madison which only adds an extra mile to your hike! In total you will hike about 10-12 miles roundtrip depending on your route. Because this mountain is so tall it is best to do this hike in the summer months. Bring lots of water and snacks, and plan to spend your day with the mountain!


5. Mount Chocorua

This mountain is a moderately difficult hike. The elevation is 3,490 ft and you hike it more gradually. This hike is not strenuous but it is extremely enjoyable. The bare summit will provide you with incredible views in all directions. The Piper trail is the easiest trail to climb and can be great for the trail runners as the ground stays pretty flat. This is a great mountain for all your furry friends, so you’ll see lots of dogs accompanying their humans on the trails. Towards the top you begin to climb a rockier path so you may have to carry the smaller pups to the very top. It is 8.5 miles round trip, and you can hike it all year round! The summer/fall months are the easier months of course, so winter hiking is recommended to those with experience and proper equipment.